About Us
We are a footwear brand and manufacturer from Bali, Indonesia, which supports slow fashion and ethical processes. Our workshops located in Bali consist of selected shoe makers and artisans with over 20 years of skills.
In place, we offer products based on your design with not many quantity choices. Because with not too much production quantity, we believe we can work together and sustainably. 
We are made possible because talented local artisans and shoemakers work hard to maintain the highest quality standards and manufacture each item in a limited time, customized for you, to bring you personalized products that you will love and wear for years to come.
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Main Material

Goat leather.Sheep leather, Vegetable Leather, Cow leather., Pull Up leather., Suede Leather, Exotic Leather, Nubuck leather., Jeans., Canvas, Woven, Vegan Leather, And etc.
Following the requests of our customers is part of our main business, because we believe the results of our customer’s requests, are the real market desire today. like design, materials, colors, size, boxes, etc. we can do the best we can, following detailings instructions and your request.
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